Compliance Services

Acumen Licensing has been recognized as a leader and trusted partner in accounts receivable management compliance. Acumen’s leadership team has experience in all phases of ARM industry risk management and compliance, including agency ownership and debt buying. Acumen Solutions Group’s management team has experience managing collection operations, industry compliance, internal and external audits, and state licensing.

This strategic and tactical experience makes Acumen a trusted source in helping clients manage processes and mitigate risks related to insurance, auditing, state licensing, surety bonds, as well as background checks and employment screening. We help receivables management firms to prepare for Receivables Management Association Certification, and other types of compliance audits.

Auditing Services

Acumen’s experience and expertise has led it to be an approved Receivables Association International (RMAI) Certified Auditor.

Receivables Management Association Certification Audits

RMAI Certified Debt Buyers are required to be audited by a Authorized Audit Provider every 2 years to validate compliance with the certification standards. Acumen  was one of the first authorized audit providers and has developed processes to help ensure thorough examinations without intruding on the normal course of business.

The Acumen team works together to make certification audits easy for our clients. On-site reviews are scheduled at the client’s facility while team members in our home office review company documentation provided to reduce the amount of time needed on-site.

Acumen offers RMA Certification Program Audits at competitive prices, and can customize the engagement based on your needs.